It’s Not About The Plane Anymore

Last weekend I flew to visit my family in Michigan. I’ve never liked flying. Whenever I’m on an airplane, I feel that at any moment my life could end. The plane could crash and I would have missed out on so much life. That feeling of being too young to die is always at the forefront of my mind.

Now, when I’m on a plane, the feeling that life is too short takes on a new meaning. And it starts even before I get on the plane, when I put on my compression sleeve.

Since having my mastectomy surgery, I have to wear a compression sleeve whenever I fly to prevent lymphedema.

As I put on the sleeve, I’m reminded of what I’ve been through over the last year. I’m reminded that I’m never done with breast cancer, because every time I fly I have to put on that stupid sleeve. I’m reminded that life is uncertain. I’m reminded that life is fragile. I’m reminded that life is short. Sometimes too short.

Being on a plane now is a symbol for all that I’ve been through, all the I have left to do and all that I might not have time to do.

After my plane lands safely and I take off my compression sleeve, I’m relieved that I’ve survived – both the flight and breast cancer.


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